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Итоги конкурса "Моя Великобритания". Кто поедет учиться в Anglolang Academy?

В минувшее воскресенье на выставке Британского образования в Москве были торжественно объявлены победители конкурса "Моя Великобритания", который Британский Совет проводил совместно с LiveJournal.

Мы хотим поздравить всех, кто принял участие в нем - ваша Великобритания выходит за рамки предложенных нами для использования 8-ми символов. Хорошое свидетельство того, что историей и культурой этой страны у нас всегда живо интересовались и будут интересоваться.

Представитель Anglolang Academy передает сертификат на получение главного приза - поездки на обучение в Великобританию

Члены конкурсного жюри провели немало часов перед тем, как определили троицу победилей!
И вот она перед нами!

Обладателем первого места и главного приза становится блогер justice_jay с поэмой про Великобританию:

Throughout countries, space and ages
Shakespeare's style of tangling pages
Takes love and honor into service
And runs this world by means of poems.
His words of wisdom echoed with
The sounds of ancient violin -
On Baker Street once lived that one,
Who was romantic deep inside.

His name was Sherlock, surname - Holmes,
(As if it still was quite unknown)
And his creator Conan Doyle..
I know, my obviousness annoys!.
His motto was "Steel True, Blade Straight"
It means a lot and sounds great.
He lived in London, near to Queen,
Where waves of Thames still flow and sheen.

I'd love to live there once.. (or twice!)
To take this island by surprise.
Great Britain is so great and.. british!
They told me: "Please, don't be so kiddish!"
I've got a bulldog, we're team -
Don't mess with bulldog and my dream!

Songs of Kate Bush, oatmeal on plate -
I would accept that kind of fate.
My nails are painted with three colours,
Red, white and blue, don't need no others:
I carry union jack along,
It's in my heart, my nails and soul.
Not all the roads lead us to Rome,
I know a few directions more,
Great Britain is my way to go -
Lines of my palm just told me so.

My Snark is waiting for me there,
I do believe in Lewis Carroll,
If Snark's existence won't be proved,
For me it would be just absurd!
My Britain forced me to believe
It's never late to start be free.
It gives me impetus to live,
Forget how heavy life could be,
It's all okay while you believe -
Your dream's not silly and naive.

Второе место по праву достается блогеру helenoelle  с эссе[Learn English and your dream will come true]
When girls were dreaming about a prince on a white horse, I believed that one day John Lennon would come back for me on the yellow submarine. "Learn English and your dream will come true" - said my mother, but I was a very lazy little girl and I could not distinguish bed and bag. But that didn't stop me from reading all Shakespeare under the blanket with a flashlight and then see the dreams where I'm Juliet - daughter of King Lear and ask myself: "To be or not to be". And, you know, many years have passed. I can distinguish the bag from the bed, I know that Lennon is dead and do not mix up the plots of books in my head, but one thing has not changed...I still dream of the UK. Only there I see the lights of London. I hear the sound of Thames, very close like I'm standing on the bridge and watch the seething of its waves. I jog early in the morning in Hyde Park, outracing the owner of the bulldog walking with his pet and then hurry into a cozy cafe where I order a luscious batch of oatmeal and a cup of tea with milk. And sometimes I even jump with a parachute which has a Union Jack and the Queen Elizabeth on it. Of course we are discussing Bond with her and make bets on whether or not I could charm prince Charles. And you know what's the worst thing? It is opening your eyes and realizing that your favorite country is a dream. Still a dream? I'm not Sherlock Holmes and I don't own the method of deduction. But something tells me that the UK is part of my soul. Always and forever.

helenoelle получает планшет ASUS Nexus 7 32Gb 3G


И третье место у блогера https://www.facebook.com/marina.nikityk  с работой[Seeing is believing]
I`ve never seen Britain. But I really imagine the country, whose language I try to speak. I picture to myself its shape, sounds, colors and voices, smells and flavors. Britain is multi-faced in my eyes.
Britain is like a Queen: independent, rich, proud, noble and beautiful. When I close my eyes I can clearly hear an orchestra and steps of Foot Guards in their full-dress uniform of red tunics and bearskins.
Britain is like oatmeal: homely, warm, traditional. I fantasy the sweet smell of warm cafes at the river Thames on a rainy day.
Britain is like Shakespeare: lyric, sometimes dramatic, but very talented and poetic. In my dreams I make a journey along the River Thames and enjoy the riches of wonderful images of London's most famous sights together with their history.
Britain is like an English bulldog: imperturbable, aristocratic, respectable and elegant. It is like a “True gentleman”. I see palaces, bridges and pubs and feel special atmosphere of England.
Britain is like Sherlock Holmes: intelligent, logical, a little bit fantastic. Here come universities to my mind. Prestigious education and sure future come from here.
Britain is like river Thames: beautiful, beloved and fresh. I see the country, where history and future meet at present.
Britain is like its national flag Union Jack – colorful, impressive, friendly and sure. I figure to myself London's mottled streets with thousands and thousands of tourists, hear words in different languages and feel happy.
I believe I`ll see, hear and experience it."

По решению Британского Совета marina.nikityk также получает в подарок планшет ASUS Nexus 7 32Gb 3G.

Еще раз поздравляем победителей!
Мы свяжемся с вами через систему личных сообщений и запросим информацию, необходимую для выдачи призов.

Следите за нашими новыми конкурсами. Впереди вас ждет еще много чего интересного!

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